Check out the tremendous reviews for the book:

“More than a reconstruction of a traumatic day, the book is a look back at the author’s career as a doctor and how principles from medical training helped him successfully navigate the crisis.” – The Washington Post

“A harrowing account of a compassionate doctor’s abduction at gunpoint from his own home. Stays with you.” – People Magazine

“This is a touching, deep story, and possibly one of the most emotional stories ever.” – San Francisco / Sacramento Book Review

5 out of 5 stars – Portland Book Review

“In his can’t-put-down memoir… [Berk] was able to establish rapport with his kidnapper: to explore his feelings, to empathize with his descent into alcohol, drugs, domestic violence, and crime… Berk artfully weaves into this wrenching story the tapestry of his autobiography, the making of a doctor, a teacher, a husband, a father.” – The Pharos of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society

“The core story of the kidnapping is engaging and provides an excellent platform upon which to consider the split-second decisions that must often be made in times of danger. The clinical vignettes are powerful. They remind the physician reader of his or her own past–lessons learned from clinical triumphs and errors. They also remind us of the lessons that our sickest patients have taught us about living.” – Texas Heart Institute Journal

“It brings to mind little enoucnters and big ones we have with other people throughout our lives… It leads readers to glance into their own lives and what makes them the people they are today.” – Bismarck Tribune

“This phenomenal memoir is truly a harrowing, wonderful and ultimately a redemptive tale.” –Abraham Verghese, NYTimes best-selling author of Cutting for Stone

“A book perfectly suited for a ‘required reading’ list for medical students and young doctors.” Seattle Post Intelligencer

“An engaging story about a distinguished life in medicine and a violent crime that almost ended it.” — Sandeep Jauhar, author of Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation

“. . . riveting from start to finish. . . . Anatomy of a Kidnapping should prove to be an exciting and compelling read for medical and legal professionals, as well as for those in law enforcement.” – New York Journal of Books

“This is an engrossing book that details not only the kidnapping of Dr. Berk, but also contains many fascinating anecdotes from his years as a physician that helped to develop his particular method of assessing situations and acting accordingly… [The book is] compelling and well written. It’s a definite page-turner.” – Readers Favorite

“Dr. Berk’s riveting narrative of four hours at gunpoint affirms the motto of this role model Sir William Osler–aequanimitas, coolness and presence of mind under all circumstances.” – Charles Bryan, president, American Osler Society

“Not only is Dr. Berk a master of writing… his ability to tell a story is strikingly rich, deep, and engaging. I laughed, I cried, and came away thinking this is a story that has to be told.” – Victoria Sutton, former executive direct of Ronald Reagan Institute for Emergency Medicine

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§ One Response to Reviews

  • John Moore says:

    Dr. Berk – how to begin? I am sorry that you had to suffer through this horrible kidnapping! But I am very disturbed that you would publish this story without even verifying the facts. Jack Jordan murdered my sister, she was not killed in a vehicle accident. 4 days prior to Jack Killing my sister he left a recorded message telling her she would be dead on the 4th day, and she was! leaving behind 3 children, and a family that to this day still misses her,. You are making him out to be some kind of victim. I think you owe it to the woman he killed, and abused for 2 years and her family, to publish the rest of the story you eluded to in your book.


    John W Moore Jr
    The Loving Brother of a sister murdered by Jack Lindsey Jordan.

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